About Us

What is Beach Catholic?

Our mission is to provide students with opportunities for prayer, fellowship, learning, service, and practice our Faith in the Catholic Christian tradition.

Why are we called Newman? Catholic clubs at many schools are named Newman in honor of Cardinal Newman. Blessed John Henry Newman converted to Catholicism in 1854 and strongly encouraged the establishment of Catholic societies at secular universities.

What does Beach Newman do?

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Club Meetings

Our weekly meetings serve as a setting for students to strengthen their beliefs, learn about the teachings of the Church, form bonds with other Catholic students on campus, and delve deeper into their own faith.


Every year (and sometimes twice a year) we have a day or weekend retreat at a location that allows us to escape from the hecticness of college life. During these retreats, we share personal faith stories, develop our relationship with God, and become closer to one another.

Service Projects

We do service project all throughout the year. Some of these are planned at the beginning of the semester, and others are suggested by our members during the year. We are always on the lookout for ways to contribute the community and to do God’s work on Earth!

Bible Study

Studying the Bible is an important part of being strong in your faith, but many Catholics find it to be an intimidating task. We host Bible study sessions every week where students, regardless of their Bible knowledge, come together to read the Bible and discuss how it relates to our lives today.


Throughout the school year, we hold full Masses in the USU that are open for all believers on Campus. These Masses are often lead by local priests from parishes near Long Beach. In addition to holding Mass, we also host confession and adoration several times during the school year.

Fellowship Activities

In order to build the bond between our members, we often go out to a group dinner after our weekly meetings. We also have celebrations for different holidays, including potlucks and ice cream socials.