For prayer is nothing else than being on terms of friendship with God

Saint Teresa of Avila

Our Prayer/Fellowship Nights

As the school semester gets going we'll be hosting a prayer/fellowship night to spend some time with the Lord and with each other. Each week there will be a day for prayer; however, every two weeks our prayer night will be followed up with fellowship. These prayer/fellowship nights are hosted Wednesday from 5:00-6:15pm.

Why Pray?

Prayer is vital to the life of our faith. Some of the great saints such as Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint Alphonsus Lingiouri affirmed that without prayer we might as well be handing our souls to the Devil. We need time to spend with the Lord. He is the only one that is going to get us to Heaven but we need to have a relationship with him. Once a week Beach Catholic is hosting a prayer session. This is a time for us to come to the Lord and cultivate that relationship with Him. Its similar to the idea that if you want to cultivate a friendship, you need to spend time with that person.

How Do I Attend?

  • Meeting Time : Wednesday @5pm
  • Location : Through our fellowship channel on discord; Click Here To Join The Discord

Our Schedule