For prayer is nothing else than being
on terms of friendship with God

Saint Teresa of Avila


Throughout the Fall and Spring Semester, students will have dedicated time in praying the holy rosary and other devotional prayers together in a quiet setting, free from distractions. Students will have a chance to write down any prayer requests which will then be placed in the prayer box for the Newman club to pray. You are more than welcome to come and pray even if it's for 10 minutes

Meeting Time : Tuesdays 2-3pm
Location :USU 203
Prayer Routine : Holy Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, and Angelus every Monday except on the last Monday of every month which is Adoration!


Holy Rosary

Devotion to Our Blessed Mother that was given to St. Dominic in the early 13th century for every nation and the Catholic Church to pray. The recitation of the holy rosary wards off evil and protect those against sin and danger. Saint Louis de Montfort said, "The rosary is the most powerful weapon to touch the Heart of Jesus, Our Redeemer, who loves His Mother."

Divine Mercy Chaplet

Devotion to the Divine Mercy that St. Faustina Kowalska received from Jesus in the 20th century. The Divine Mercy Chaplet recitation helps all souls who are detained in Purgatory, lukewarm Catholics, and all. The Chaplet of the Divine Mercy is recited using ordinary rosary beads of five decades. The Chaplet is preceded by two opening prayers from the Diary of St. Faustina and followed by a closing prayer. If you want to learn more go to


The Angelus is a prayer devotion for the incarnation and reminder of the Annunciation where the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary announcing the coming of Our Lord through her. This prayer calls us to remind Our Blessed Mother who said Yes, with humility and sincerity. The prayer contains verses which the leader recites with everyone recites both the responses and the Hail Mary’s in between each verse. To learn more go


The adoration is where the Blessed Sacrament is exposed in a concealment known as the Monstrance where the faithful can spend their time in the presence of Jesus Christ through prayer and devotion. The adoration usually is held at various places where appropriate, the Blessed Sacrament can be brought to the faithful. Found in small chapels, churches, and cathedrals, many saints have been devout in visiting the Blessed Sacrament to spend time with Christ in the hour of prayer. The Catholic Newman Club dedicates itself in bringing the Blessed Sacrament once a month to the faithful, for those who are busy on campus. At the beginning of the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, a priest or deacon removes the sacred host from the tabernacle and places it in the Monstrance on the Altar for adoration by the faithful. The Blessed Sacrament is then left on the altar until the hour of benediction where the priest holds up the Monstrance containing the consecrated Host, giving the blessing.


  1. Bring Catholics to a deeper prayer and contemplation to our Blessed Mother and his son, Jesus Christ.
  2. Strive for piety and charisma that many Saints have accomplished through devotional prayers.
  3. Establish a parish like environment where everyone can focus and concentrate on their prayers