2020-2021 Beach Catholic Officers


President Maya

Kevin Rodriguez will be serving as this year's club President. He transferred student from Cypress College and is in his third year at Cal State Long Beach striving to get a bachelors degree in Biology Education. He hopes to become a biology high school teacher in order to make an impact in the students he encounters. He's been a Catholic since birth but has recently found himself drawn towards God and has an avid desire to bring about God's kingdom to Cal State Long Beach. While not in Zoom classes he coaches tennis, plays board games, watches science/faith YouTube videos, reads, and attempts to write his own book(convinced that his next book will be a best seller-ha, thats funny).

Vice President-Justine

Vice President Kalyn

Justine Follo is a third year transfer majoring in health science with an emphasis in community health education. She is glad to have found a Catholic community to grow in faith with on campus, and is this year's vice president. Being actively engaged with and continuing to grow in the faith is what motivates her most in all aspects of her life. Beyond school, she enjoys hikes, music, the sarcastic wit of a humorous person, and watching the skies as well as people. In addition to reading books, she occasionally reads people in an attempt to understand basic social cues. If she had a bucket list, meeting a pope would be somewhere on it.


Eymard treasurer

Daniel Mandrychenko serves as this year’s treasurer at Beach Catholic. He is a second-year grad student at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at CSULB, majoring in Jazz Studies. He hopes to continue his career as a professional musician and teacher in the Los Angeles area after graduation. It was partly because of his love of music that Daniel converted to Catholicism in 2019 and hopes that this love will bring others closer to Christ. In his spare time, he enjoys composing music, reading, and learning about the Faith.


Rachel Secretary

Chloe Dichoso is a fourth-year health care administration undergraduate. Chloe was raised as a Catholic -- from attending Catholic school for 13 years to singing in the church choir since the age of two. Her faith has always been a major influence in her life and is a constant source of inspiration and hope. Some of Chloe's passions include health care, singing, painting, filmmaking, and songwriting. She also enjoys baking, hiking, learning about archaeology, and traveling for food. Prior to the pandemic, she worked as an RA on campus for 2 years. She looks forward to conversing with new members about their faith journey, as well as learning from fellow clubmates.